abberior LIVE

With our new abberior LIVE dye collection we offer exceptional labeling options – live cell imaging with organic dyes now becomes possible! abberior LIVE dyes are designed for STED and confocal microscopy in living cells. These unique dyes combine highest brightness and photostability with easy live cell labeling. No transfection and no washing steps needed. We offer ready-to-use probes for DNA, tubulin and lysosome labeling. In addition, custom made abberior LIVE dye conjugates as well as carboxylic acid, NHS ester, maleimide and tetrazine can be provided. Furthermore, all abberior LIVE dyes work remarkably well for labeling with ligands like SNAP®-, CLIP®- or Halo®-Tag fusion proteins in living cells. The required conjugates can be prepared easily from abberior LIVE NHS ester or carboxylic acid and commercially available BG- or Halo®-Tag amines. Our dyes are manufactured in-house by our chemist, allowing a seamlessly control of the production chain, securing a purity of over 90%.